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Planet X

2001 | 2002

This page is for the use of the Referee or designate to maintain notes on the current game or campaign. Check here for what's been happening. Please note: When our evil GM takes a rest, the emergency backup GM will be indicated with green type.

17 Aug 01- Planet X: Just a little recovery job for a simple art dealer. That's all, nothing to worry about.

18 Aug 01 - Planet X: Shipwreck... Er...Sailing 101

24 Aug 01- Planet X: Making new friends.

25 Aug 01- Planet X: This is where the swashbuckling starts.

07 Sep 01 - Planet X: Travels in Brazzaville.

08 Sep 01 - Planet X: A dizzying array of social obligations, new people to meet, lifeboats to board...

14 Sept 01 - Planet X: Slumming in the Mysterious Islands.

21 Sept 01 - Planet X: A little dining, a little dancing, a little courting, and a dash of danger.

22 Sept 01 - Planet X: Yet another new player, and more complications.

05 Oct 01 - Planet X: Opportunities, departures, and complications.

06 Oct 01 - Planet X: The sights and sounds of Whitehaven, Albion.

12 Oct 01 - Planet X: Further complications and romantic rescues.

26 Oct 01 - Planet X: More romance! More daring rescues!! Blimps!!! Trains!!!! Royalty!!!!!

02 Nov 01 - Planet X: From Albion to Fredonia in one easy step. All personal baggage arrives intact.

03 Nov 01 - Planet X: Mysteries, plots, intrigue all over the damn place.

16 Nov 01 - Planet X: Another player makes his presence known, with a vengeance.

23 Nov 01 - Planet X: Secret passages, secret plots, peasants with torches, bad guys with guns.

30 Nov 01 - Planet X: Sort of a cross between Jayne Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Revenge of Dr. X.

01 Dec 01 - Planet X: Secrets are revealed at last. Final decisions are made.